Monday, March 27, 2017


Another very fun episode!

The blurb is very playful:

Dylan Sprouse (@dylansprouse) has been playing D&D since he was on set as a child actor and he’s jumped into it full force with his Pug Crawl streams on Twitch. Hosts Shelly Mazzanoble (@shellymoo) and Greg Tito (@gregtito) talk about snow again, before Greg gets the date of Meltdown Shopping Network debut on Mar 24 consistently wrong in...
but the early segment, on warlock pacts, is actually amazing. Great roll play inspiration and a very fun random look at one of the better backstory option creating mechanics...

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Actual Play Storm King's Thunder--D&D Encounters S23 S21

Storm King's Thunder--D&D Encounters S23 S21

Another fun week of D&D Encounters at Alakazam Comics!

Cody has a fantastic new orange backpack.

The players at the table have become very consistent.

The game is a little rushed we are only playing for about 90 minutes--need to do better about starting on time.

Smurfs in Kaladesh

WotC came out with a Kaladesh conversion guide for D&D and so I Planeswalkered the boys there in search of Azrael's bell

 I love running D&D at home because of all the space.

The minis we are using are amazing handcrafted gems

The boys are starting to learn the rules + we had a great two hour session.

Tales of the Yawning Portal

I am super excited for this book release!

So far the following pages have been posted by WotC...a bunch from the Introduction which seems fantastic--evocative, full of hooks, and playful:


there is a good passage from the introduction to The Sunless Citadel, which I have never played before.


And a great Monster Stat Block for the Kalka-Kylla and the Kelpie

I plan to run the Tomb of Horror from this as often as possible if it is the killer dungeon I hope it to be!