Thursday, February 16, 2017

Actual Play Storm King's Thunder--D&D Encounters S23 S17

Storm King's Thunder--D&D Encounters S23 S17

Cody and I got our fluids and headed over to another great night of D&D Encounters at Alakazam comics!

The face of D&D's Future

The Sword Coast Collective has recently headed North where the giant problem is much more serious--I need to level them up before the right quests begin so I dropped in a D&D Adventure League Module (DDAL05, Forgotten Traditions) to provide some experience. Forgotten Traditions is also kind of old school dungeon crawly with a lot of traps and stuff in the Halls of Hoton-Shul which I thought would be nice for the newer players at the table to get a taste of.

 The maps are also totally fantastic for this adventure--in fact, maps just keep getting better and batter--this little trap drawings are fantastic.

The drive home was awesome--very good session.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Actual Play Storm King's Thunder--D&D Encounters S23 S16

Storm King's Thunder--D&D Encounters S23 S16

Another Fun week of D&D Encounters at Alakazam Comics. The Sword Coast Collective is moving closer and closer to the Hill Giants, and their massive leader Guh

The players are still rotating around a little--currently we have five great players at the table & my 8 year old son Cody who is now playing a gnome to great effect.

I still have a ton of room at the table

and the players are not feeling all that cramped.

We have some very new players so we are spending a lot of time reading the books, checking how spells work, fighting over Vancian mechanics, wondering if a Surprise Round is different then a round when people are surprised...that kind of classic D&D discussion...

Monday, February 6, 2017

SKT :: Midway Regroup

I am about half way through DMing Storm King's Thunder and I thought it was time to regroup.

I am being a little rail-y with the adventure & need to bring in a more serious set of threats and clearer direction for the heroes--they need to know where they are are going and why at this point.

There are some good tips here--Mike Shea always has some good ideas...I am also trying to catch up on the Dragon Bastard youtube series for more advice.