Become a Hero! Black Quiz

Explore the world of Theros and begin your journey to become a hero. You can test your Theros™ knowledge with this quiz, then check your answers with the tournament organizer. 
  1. Which of these black creature cards does not refer to your devotion to black?
    Disciple of Phenax
    Gray Merchant of Asphodel
    Mogis's Marauder
    Kragma Warcaller

  2. According to The Theriad, what is the name of the great axe wielded by Thyrogog, a Felhide Minotaur?
    Blood Drinker
    c  Body's Bane
    d  The Felblade

  3. How many bones is the person depicted on Read the Bones about to cast onto the ground?
    a  2
    d  8

  4. How is the minotaur in Dark Betrayal attacked?
    c  tricked
    d  tickled

  5. What appears below the black Harpy token produced by Abhorrent Overlord?
    ancient ruins
    a group of terrified humans
    c  a swamp
    d  livestock

Thanks to Adrian Warren for the image: