Become a Hero! Blue Quiz

Explore the world of Theros and begin your journey to become a hero. You can test your Theros™ knowledge with this quiz, then check your answers with the tournament organizer.

  1. According to The Theriad, what did Triton Shorethief do to the Champion and her companions?
    a  ruined their clothing
    b  blocked the path back
    killed their sentry
    d  kidnapped a companion

  2. Which of the following scry cards has the potential to put three or more cards on the bottom of your library?
    Prescient Chimera
    Horizon Scholar
    Sea God's Revenge

  3. Which of the following animals do not have aspects represented in the art of Coastline Chimera?
    a  ram
    b  lion
    c  snake

  4. What sort of creature is being overtaken by the tide in Griptide?
    a  drake
    b  merfolk

  5. In the art of the blue Bird token produced by Swan Song, what color is the bird's bill?
    a  blue
    d  polka dot
Thanks to Adrian Warren for the image: