Become a Hero! Green Quiz

Explore the world of Theros and begin your journey to become a hero. You can test your Theros™ knowledge with this quiz, then check your answers with the tournament organizer. 

  1. Which of these green creatures is 10/10 or larger after it becomes monstrous?
    Nessian Asp
    Nemesis of Mortal
    Arbor Colossus
    Polis Crusher

  2. According to The Theriad, what did the Nessian Courser Khestes, ally of the Champion, use to defeat Grinthax?
    a  spear
    b  magic
    d  trampling

  3. What sort of flying creature is shredded by the winds in the art of Shredding Winds?
    a  sphinx
    b  chimera
    d  dragon

  4. What feat did the weakest centaur of Pheres Band accomplish today, according to Centaur Battlemaster?
    a  traveled to two polises
    b  held of a cyclops
    c  completed a task for Nylea
    killed three minotaurs

  5. What piece of clothing has not been discarded by the green Boar token produced by Curse of the Swine?
    a  helmet
    b  belt
    c  breastplate
    right bracer