Become a Hero! White Quiz

Explore the world of Theros and begin your journey to become a hero. You can test your Theros™ knowledge with this quiz, then check your answers with the tournament organizer. 

  1. Which of the following cards does not contain a piece of the night sky in its art?
    Celestial Archon
    Gods Willing
    Divine Verdict
    d Heliod's Emissary

  • Which of the following white enchantment creatures has the lowest bestow cost?
    Hopeful Eidolon
    Observant Alseid
    Heliod's Emissary
    Celestial Archon

  • According to the Theriad, what did the Champion and a Traveling Philosopher do to break the siege?
    a  snuck into the enemy camp and stole something
    spoke to the enemy
    c  stood vigil an entire night
    performed a series of magic tricks

  • According to Decorated Griffin, how do you get on a griffin's good side?
    perform a feat of strength
    b  sing loudly
    be generous to it
    d persuade it to help you

  • How many individual soldiers appear on the white Soldier token produced by Akroan Horse?
    a  4
    c  12