Dice House Magic Match

 After D&D Encounters at Dice House, we have started playing Magic: The Gathering. This week Brian & I took on V2 & Snaggletooth in Two Headed Giant.

V2, who was playing Red Black and killing all my slivers as quickly as I could summon them, has the absolute best T-Shirts in nerddom & Snaggletooth, who had some Black Green deck, has the irony to make any game fun--plus they were playing some of the greatest decks I have seen. Oh, yeah--they are also home schooled Eighth Graders...

I was playing my Sliver deck & Brian was playing a Mono Black deck that sucked--he had just created it. Also, there was some humor in the fact that Brian, who has been playing for as long as I have, had all of these weird Standard Illegal Cards that he has no idea where he got. The best part was that V2 was also playing a bunch of banned cards--but V2 was playing cards banned because they were bombastically awesome. Brian just had old cards.

Snaggletooth was able to get some Theros monster up to 20/20 with trample using his Lillian Planeswalker [yeah, like I said his deck was rad & going off], V2 got stuff out but Doom Blade and other tricks kept him relatively in check. Brian was mana starved & all of my slivers were dead...it was ugly, but a lot of fun.