FNM @ Majestix

Jack & I went to the Costa Mesa Majestix CCG shop to play Friday Night Magic for the Theros Release.

This is the closest FNM shop to us, but traffic is still a bear to sit through to get to the shop--we were about 10 minutes late & the shop was packed. There was no parking so I parked at the super church next door after I drove over the Japanese restaurant's mop in the alley behind the shop! They wanted $50 for a new mop!

Majestix is an amazing comic / card shop -- the guys behind the counter are super friendly & knowledgeable. Extremely helpful. The other players, and there were a lot of them, were all there to have fun--they were friendly and nice & really made Jack and I feel welcome.

Great Shop!

One reason we wanted to go was to continue the Hero's Path game that started with the Thero's Prerelease.

To get the card
to go with the card we got on pre-release weekend. There was also this cool card protector page to keep all our Theros hero cards together.

this week you had to solve the puzzle in this image:

Jack and I stared at this for 20 minutes before someone told us the answer was Erbos--that the stars make an E and connect to display a 5/7, or semething--if this makes since to you PLEASE explain it to me--still very confused. I cannot see that at all & really have no idea what they were talking about.

Also, we got a Bident card for playing FNM.


Majestic ran a sealed draft which was awesome. Jack was in a six player pod & I was in an 8 player pod [which means Jack had three rounds and I had 4 rounds--Jack and I left after ~ four hours at the start of round four].

The guys at my table were awesome--we had a lot of fun drafting these cards--I was mostly drafting for value since I still do not have a very good sense of what the cards do.

Jack went 2-1 for the night and one a pack. He crushed a kid round one that was not happy loosing to an eighth grader. At all. Then he lost to the guy who went 3-0. And then he beat a fairly good player who did not draw well.

I went 1-2-1 and won nothing. I lost the first round to much better player--I was crushed the first game & played a very close and fun game the second time. I went 2-0 against a control deck in the second round--Jason and I really had a good time--this was the most fun I had. The third match was against a Red Green deck that I just could not close against--he crushed me BIG at the end.

I learned the value of casting at the bestow cost.

I learned the value of moving slowly--I play very slow and do much better when moving slowly.

I had a really good time.

The shop is fantastic, the players are super friendly, and this was likely my best public play magic experience. Jack also liked it a lot, largely because he won and drafted some very good cards.