His Junk / Her Treasures

Jack and I played FNM at this shop in Coos Bay.

There were 10 players and we played M14 Sealed. The players were very good--surprising for such an out of the way shop. Several of them had binders with tons of rares & speculation cards.

I lost the first round. Jack lost the first round.

We played each other in the second round. I beat him but only because his black deck did not have much in closing--I think we split 2-1.

I played the guy Jack lost to in the first round, he stalled a lot and so we tied.

Pretty much the worst night of magic I have ever played.

The dudes who ran the store were very nice, negotiated the price of some cards we ended up not buying, and gave Jack a prize just for showing up, so overall not a total waste.

The drive back to Bandon was fantastic listening to Sirius radio on windy wood lined streets.