Murder in Baldur’s Gate--D&D Encounters S15 S6

Another great week of D&D Encounters at Dice House in Fullerton. 

Brian and I went solo--Jack stayed home to do home work and perhaps recover from his late night snack the night before which was two veggie patties, a handful of cheese, and more Frank's sauce than any reasonable person would apply.

Brian and I skipped this & had sushi. It was great.

DM Gerard is still running our table--he thinks that the adventure is one of the worst in the Encounters series because he does not get much information. I think it is one of the best because there is so much great roll playing and so little combat.

I am playing Doctor Druid, but unfortunately he has none of the skills that I keep trying to use--I am hitting all the right notes with his insanity and paranoia, but I keep having to make diplomacy or bluff checks instead of arcana or nature.

I love the image that I used for the character--green and creepy and covered with bugs.

I have a fun mini and a frog that I hope to use--so far it has not come up.

I am also using a great laser pointer that Brian bought for me--I love this thing!

We did not use minis or maps--in fact the only combat at all came very late when I was frustrated and attacked a Halfling firework dealer mostly out of boredom.

I have successfully developed a theory of Bhaal Spawn conspiracy that I plan to bring to the table for the last three weeks just to be whacky.

On the drive home Brian and I stopped for gas and saw this giant grass hopper bug on the pump.