Theros, Two Headed Giant, and Cassidy's First Match

 South Lake Middle School has a late start on Tuesdays which Jack thought would be a fine time to play some Magic: The Gathering with his friends.

I love this idea because it is a good way for the boys to meet before school, gives working parents a place to drop their kids before school that is fun & educational, and crates a wonderful weekly game day in our house. Also Lisa makes muffins for the boys which is a win/win for me!

I did not do a very good job recording the event--most of these shots were taken after the boys had left.

There were some very close games played--Alexander brought his constructed deck from Theros Prerelease which lost to Jack's Theros deck. Alexander wanted to work on some deck building, but we did not have much time.

 I then played my Theros Prerelease Deck in a great game against Alexander while Jack played Cassidy [who was using my Sliver deck]. I had to scoop because we were running out of time & Jack wanted to play Two Headed Giant.

Cassidy and I were likely going to win the THG match, but we ran out of time--the kids had to go to school.

As a first time event, this was awesome & hopefully we will be doing it more in the future.

We did have some rules questions come up.

1. Someone exiles a Crackling Triton with an instant.


Can the Crackling Tritons "Sacrifice Crackling Triton: Crackling Triton deals 2 damage to target creature or player" be activated before he goes to exile?

We ruled that it cannot.

2. You summon an enchantment that has a 'when it enters, scry one', but the other player responds to the casting with a dispel target enchantment counter spell. Can you still Scry?
We ruled that you cannot.

3. Does a bestowed Celestial Archon become a Creature if the Destroyed?
For example, Jack had a Returned Phalanx

which he Bestowed with a Celestial Archon.

Alexander responded with a Ray of Dissolution.

The Ray has "Destroy target enchantment. You gain 3 life." The question is does the Celestial Archon drop as a creature or does it go directly to the Graveyard?

We ruled that it does becomes a creature.