Become a Hero! Red Quiz

Explore the world of Theros and begin your journey to become a hero. You can test your Theros™ knowledge with this quiz, then check your answers with the tournament organizer. 
  1. Which of these red heroic creatures grows in size when you cast a spell that targets it?
    Akroan Crusader
    Arena Athlete
    Labyrinth Champion
    Anax and Cymede
  2. According to The Theriad, how many graves did the Champion lament over after her battle with Borderland Minotaurs?
    b  4
    d  12
  3. Which of these red creatures carries delicious fruits?
    Satyr Rambler
    Spearpoint Oread
    Two-Headed Cerberus
    Wild Celebrants
  4. Which of these omens is better than a flock of crows according to the street oracle Hira on the card Peak Eruption?
    a  mourning doves
    b  early sunset
    total solar eclipse
    early olive buds
  5. Which of these items does the red Solider token produced by Akroan Crusader not have with him?
    c  shield
    d  helmet