Children's Hospital Orange County

Jack had his infusion at CHOC today. He has uveitis & has to have infusions every 8 weeks.
 We set up cards in the room--one of the nurses had a brother who played and knew what we were up to. Jack was very excited.

While Nurse Uma was setting up the initial medications and taking vitals and stuff we were able to get in two quick games--I won the first and he won the second. Before we could finish the match it was time for the infusion. 

Jack is super brave during this part and really likes to watch the entire process.
Also, note the pizza--Friday is pizza day at Pediatric Infusion Center which is one of the main reasons we go on Fridays. Also, we had heard that it is generally not that busy of a day--this Friday however was massively busy with just about every room occupied and a lot of kids running around.
Jack, however, was not running around--or able to finish our match.

He has gotten bigger and now receives 50mg of Benedryl which makes him extremely tired. The infusion went well without any major issues--some leg 'itching' and 'numbness' which was new, but not alarming.
Entire process took four hours.
Having Magic cards with us, definitely made the early part of the procedure a lot easier.