Evan the Canadian, Slivers win Again, GW Two Headed Giant SMACK DOWN

Another great morning of Magic for Jack and the South Lake crew. 

Tuesday's is late start day & we live across the street from the Junior High so the kids come over for a little Tuesday Morning with Magic. 

And Lisa cooks muffins--this week it was pumpkin!

we are in training for the Theros Game day, so Alexander made everyone these great labels for their deck boxes.

Andrew forgot his deck box, so he wore his on his head.

Alexander started his first match against Evan who was running my Sliver deck. Even standing at the table did not help him--Evan won easily.

Jack started off against Matt--it was a great match which Matt actually won.

After that we went into the Two Headed Giant match which is really what the boys come over to play--they love the head to head team action. Also, Matt & Evan were both undefeated, so having them on opposing teams set up a great match.

The stage was set for a huge match.

All possible tokens were found.

The match started off fairly slowly.

But Jack was quickly able to build up a 25/25 trample, life link creature.

Alexander & Matt resigned at 15-90; but not because they were loosing--but because the boys needed to get back to school.

This week we only had one rules question.

Matt cast Riot Control to stop Jack from doing 22.

The issue came when we tried to count the number of Creatures. 

Jack had Bestowed three Creature Aura's onto his Creature. 

Does this count as four creatures or is it one creature with three auras?

we ruled that it was four creatures, mostly because the game was over and we wanted everyone to have fun, but I thin that the correct answer is that they are bestowed as Aura's and are not Creature's and the correct ruling was that it was one creature.