Face The Hydra

As part of the Theros Game Day, Wizards of the Coast released the Face the Hydra deck. The Deck is this awesome play experience that Jack and I have been dying to try & we finally got a chance at Mercenary Market in Costa Mesa.

WotC released this fantastic promo video that kind of explains what the deck is all about

Jack and I played against the Hydra together at the Normal level. He was playing his Green Heroic Deck, Voltron, and I was playing my Rakdos Minataur deck.

Keeping score was simple--the instructions for playing the Hydra are very straight foreword. It was easy to simply sit down and play.

 Jack and I got were both playing Hero cards that we had earned at Prerelease & Release day events.

We both got off to good starts. Jack had some deathtouch & I had some Lightning Strike so we were able to kill heads fairly quickly. Also, we never drew any replacement heads so we were able to charge through the beast in three fairly straightforeword turns. 

It was great.

The shop was selling the Hydra deck for 12 bucks which seems very affordable to me & a good way to encourage the Tuesday Morning with Magic crew to continue to play.