Guardians of Meletis Update

My current favorite Magic card is Gaurdians of Meletis which is so rad it had its own episode on the Geek and Sundry Vlogs station

 In the Comments, the point was raised that I may be reading to much into this card, so I dropped Magali Villeneuvethe artist a note and asked her. 

Here is her response

Hello David, 
sorry for taking so long to answer. 
As I usually do not write blog posts about my work (I only show the images), I'm gonna tell you here about the process. 
In fact, I think what you're writing here about this card is very funny, cause I absolutely had no clue about the same sex aspect when I painted the illo.  
When I've been commissionned for this, I was simply asked to depict a river and two stone warrior giants crossing their swords as some kind of an arch. They do not send me the flavor text you can find afterwards in the game, only a factual description. Then we can consider that I painted this very "innocently", but I do like the idea of it being now the first Magic Gay card :D
Have a nice day !
MagaliMagali Villeneuve
Freelance Illustrator