Haste! Reaper Bones 2, Numenera Licensing, Reforging Updates!

This is without a doubt the best general podcast to keep you up to date with what is going on with RPG's.

Ennie award winning podcast is back with another great episode. This one is almost 30 minutes long--which feels a lot longer than previous episodes. I like that they go more in depth and personal into their campaigns and their insight into the issues.

The basically vote against the Reaper Bones II kickstarter because no one painted the last batch & the game table is impacted by having too many mini's. They are jaded & wrong about this--these are amazing deals and we are blessed to have Reaper offering them. Everyone should do these.

Numenera licensing gets a bad review--mostly because of the crowd funding issues. This is unfortunate, because Numenera is so great. I am glad that the system is getting discussed, but wish that it would be more positive & focused on the actual RPG which is awesome. I have not really been following this topic--I stopped reading Monte's blog when he disabled the comments and the conversation on Ninth World was mostly positive.

And then we get a campaign update from the guys--which is always fun.

The 'how to use Obsidian Portal' part of the podcast which was so strong when this started has really moved to the background, which I am not completely stoked about--I really did like how gave 'tips' on using the site.

In any event, another great podcast well worth listening to.