Kill the Shaman

This is my first post on the Bake on this blog, so I will provide more background on the players involved in this campaign. But first a picture of my dice!

The Bake is the longest running campaign I have ever played. It is basically a beer and pretzel game that meets in Vandales Garage once a month on Thursday.

Brett is the host & we generally show up around 7:00 PM, have some Pizza delivered, and then head into Eberron.

DM James has been our DM for the last few years. He is fantastic.

The Bake is an Eberron Campaign that is very steeped in the lore of Eberron--we have had players join our campaign historically that really know Eberron stuff, but currently we are a little short on lore knowledge.

Andrew is playing a Genasi Warden--a defender for sure. His characters name is Bemin and he is likely the most tactical player ever week. He also generally knows what is going on and has a great memory for Campaign history.

Cameron is playing a Wilden Invoker named Fiddenmar. As our controller he is really fantastic, but Cameron's real strength is actually having a plan. As a rather rules light informal game Brett and I often go off half cocked and get the party in all sorts of trouble. Cameron is basically in charge of getting us back on track.

David is a relatively new player to the campaign, but is definitely our most knowledgeable D&D player--he knows all the rules, effects, etc. He has also rebuilt several of the characters to be a whole lot more Min/Max'd so that the party right now is way more effective than we have ever been before.

James generally runs about three sessions of investigation, roll playing, and clueless hi-jinks before a massive fight breaks out.

This week was fight week!

We had released a bunch of undead giants [Eberron giants are super strong--basically gods] who had besieged Stormreach. This week we attempted to take out this Shaman who was created clouds of shadow snakes and other wise charging the city with necrotic energy that was waking the dead every 15 minutes.

He was huge, contained a shadow serpent inside of him, and was basically unbeatable--Brett's ranger Vassa burned a daily, action pointed, and burned another daily for 258 points of damage in one round. And the thing was not bloodied.

it was a big long drawn out fight with a lot of consequences for the characters. For example, my hero, who is a variety of different shardminds [Kubaba the Sorcerer,  Akuba the Avenger, Bukaka the Warlord, etc.] was rejoined together and with the main thread of his fate and he gained additional knowledge of the Gate and its relationship to the Draconic Prophecy.