Lee's Sandwich Show Down

On Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday I take Jack to Water Polo practice at UCI. This week, while I was waiting for him Brian came by for some Magic.

He has a ton of cards in this bag.

We set up on a small table outside of Lee's Sandwich's which is sadly being turned into a Chicken restaurant [that one that all the Christians eat at because of some anti-gay stance they took a while back]. There is a Blaze Pizza and a Chipotle going in as well so it is not all bad.

And we were right outside the Irvine Center for Peace--perfect place for a Planeswalker showdown

I was ready to go from the moment I sat down.

Brian had to drive there 

and he took a rather odd route.

In any event, once he sat down and we got shuffled up it was on! And he killed me--his mono blue deck prevented my Rakdos deck from doing anything and then milled me to death with Jace.

The second game some UCI Business Major showed up. He was very experienced at Magic and coached me on how to better use my deck.

Needless to say the second game went a very differently as I was able to use the Whip  of Erbos my Gray Merchant very successfully.

Tonight we will play game three to decide the champion.