Matt joins the Crew, Slivers Dominate, Two Head Giant Blow out

Another great week of Tuesday Morning with Magic at Much. My brother-in-law gave us some home grown pumpkins which of course were required to play some Theros!

Lisa made some amazing Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins.

which were served with some fantastic Peet's coffee.


Seventh graders need a note from their moms to drink coffee in our house...oh, well! more for me!

Alexander, Jack, Dylan, Andrew, and Matt all came this morning.

It was Matt's first time so he got to play my amazing Schwarming Sliver deck which continues to dominate.

First round was Jack vs. Andrew while Alexander got his deck fixed up.

Dylan was watching--he has not played the much Magic, but he is smart and picked it up quickly.

Once Alexander was ready with his deck, he battled my Sliver deck with Matt at the helm.

Matt crushed him in five turns.

I am still amazed that we are not seeing more Slivers at Friday Night Magic.
When that game was over, Andrew scooped against Jack so that Two Headed Giant could get started--the boys only have one hour before school starts.

While the boys were playing, Kate was going head to head with Matt with her white red deck that is still a mess--needs a lot of work.

As you can imagine, Slivers were victorious again. 

We put the leaves in the table to have more room for players, but it was still a little crowded. Next week I am not sure what we are going to do--maybe bring a table in from the other room--we shall see.

Hive Stirrings x 2 + blur sliver + predator sliver = trouble.

Everyone had a very good time.