Mercenary Market After Encounters Showdown

Jack and Brian sat down for a game of Magic after an awesome week of D&D Encounters. Before Encounters Scott and Brian took on Jack and I in Two Headed Giant and even with Scott's deck not going off at all, Brian almost beat both of us so this was going to be a great match.

Jack is playing his Green Heroic Deck which is very good--he basically has 20/20 Lifelink Flyers with Trample by turn five and the game just ends with him crushing you.

Brian is playing a more sophisticated Blue White deck with a lot of removal, a lot of Planeswalkers, but no real win condition--it is a frustrating deck to go up against, but if you can keep the pressure up it is beatable.

Brian won the first match--it was fairly close, but Jack never got going. The second match Brian was mana screwed and Jack went big for a horrible smash down. Game three was closer, but again Jack was able to go big at the end for the win.

Brian was talking about adding some Master of Waves to his deck for the rematch.