MtA Episode 43: Inside Pro Tour Theros

I listened to this while on my jog.

One of the things I really continue to enjoy about this podcast is the "Theater Kids" aspect that the hosts embody. They do a lot of spontaneous improv stuff that is very funny. Actually, sometimes it is not funny and all & is just hard to listen to, but that attitude behind it is completely charming & captiviating for me.

This episode covers Pro Tour Theros in a very random way, a Pro Tour that they went to in Aimes Iowa, and some general thoughts on current cards. Not the best topics for them--the are best when they go to local stores & meet friends for late night matches or discover some weird new part of Magic. Of course, as they become more experienced with Magic those discoveries become more and more rare.

A very fun podcast, even though I do really miss the old theme song.