Murder in Baldur’s Gate--D&D Encounters S15 S9

Rain in Southern California is amazing--we all know about STORM WATCH and the absurdity of a little rain being treated as a natural disaster in an age of rapidly expanding natural disasters. But what is not so intuitive is that in Southern California a little rain actually does turn a 20 minute drive into a 45 minute battle with frustration--freeways just stop. For no reason. I mean in Minnesota people drive in the Snow without a huge issue--I know, I have seen it. In CA a little rain destroys everyone's commute. Forever.

And thus, because of this, last night we went to Mercenary Market in Costa Mesa rather than driving to Fullerton's Dice House for D&D Encounters.

Mercenary Market is a fairly new shop in the Southern California Gaming Store world, but they have a great staff & clearly are interested in growing the community of gaming for all the right reasons. The shop has a fantastic gaming area with a ton of space. The retail section feels like it is still maturing, there are things on racks but the focus just does not seem to be there yet--I have faith it will come.

The store had a great collection of people playing Magic and just hanging out--very friendly and accommodating. A really great space, though there were signs of concern:

One of the greatest advantages to MM is the amazing about of space in the shop.

Jack was pretty happy to be there--I think he missing the MtG community at Dice House.

But he was stoked to meet one of the greatest role players that has ever lived!
I was playing a Gnome Druid pre-gen. It needs a lot of work.


Jack had a massive crit 

The D&DNext crit rules are week, but the confirmed head shot did make it rather sweet
This week I plan to improve my druid & come more up to speed on the D&D Next combat rules--opp attacks, shifting, and parts of a turn are all things that I need a better understanding of before I play again.