Murder in Baldur’s Gate--D&D Encounters S15 S10

Another great week of D&D Next at Mercenary Market. 

This was the second week that Jack, Brian, Scott, and I had played there and it was loads of fun. DM Nick was again behind the screen doing an awesome job. Eric and Sara were there again--Eric is a fun roll player and really gets into his characters drunkenness. 

All of the other players at the table were new--which was awesome. 

MM has a ton of space and a lot of very interesting players--I am very glad that I found this shop. I do miss Tuan and the Dice House as well as Brookhurst Hobbies, but the fact that this shop is 10 minutes from my house does make a big difference.

One down side is that D&D Encounters starts at 7:00 PM so Jack is not getting home and to bed until almost 11:00 PM which is late for a seventh grader. When I run at MM next season I may try to start a little bit earlier.

Brian, who is playing Elspeth the Human Cleric, had a great week with some of the best Role Playing I have ever seen.


Jack was laid back and mellow playing Garruk, an Elf Ranger to great effect. 

Scott was totally into it with his Wood Elf Bard named something absurd like Throckmorton Elderberry--he spent a lot of time on his character and it really showed. 

I played Xenagos the Usurper, a Tiefling Mage Sage.

Eric was still playing his Drunk Human Monk and Sara has a raging Dwarf Fighter.

Will [who has been DMing this season and really knows the rules] was playing a Human Barbarian, Jake was playing a Human Monk, Diem was playing a Human Cleric, & Cody was playing an Elf Ranger.

A really big table with a lot of good diversity. It was a fun week & I cannot wait for next week.