Murder in Baldur’s Gate--D&D Encounters S15 S11

Another great week of D&D Encounters at Mercenary Market in Costa Mesa.

Scott was there when we arrived at the shop--ready for his amazing Bard to continue his party leadership.

Brian was in rare form this week--I think that the your mom joke meter hit 15--some of them were fantastic, but he did fall back on a few old classics.

Eric, the Drunk Monk, ran out of Ale this week--a real party tragedy!

Derek joined our table for his first D&D experience  This man owns a Nintendo DS2--which I had never seen before, claims Thor as his nickname, and earned the nickname Broody this week.

DM Will took a while to get us running--we have split into two tables--with DM Nick having Diem, Sara, Cory, Jake, & Sean who was also playing his first game of D&D. 

Great to see the turnout continue to increase & new players show up--this is exactly what Encounters is designed to do.

I had tons of space again this week to run Xenagos the Ragging Sage Mage

Martial law has been declared at Baldur's Gate. There was a large explosion at the funeral casket makers shop in the lower city, homes & shops were damaged and 7 people killed when a coffin was dropped and exploded.

The Heroes of the Wide headed to the Hall of Records to see who was behind this. Turns out the shipments were for Scoond, the Duke's right hand who is living in Cescar Gates, a haunted mansion in the rich part of town. 

We went to question him & ended up killing him and his guards.

The party worked well together in combat.

The bard's initial plan to lock them all down did not work that well, but it slowed them down enough for us to get the jump on them.

We got into the manor and killed Scoond.

There was a flurry of crits at the end of the night.

Derek scored two back to back.

And the Drunk Monk closed the night with a classic Boss Crit