Murder in Baldur’s Gate--D&D Encounters S15 S12

The penultimate week of D&D Encounters Season 15, Murder at Baldur's Gate, at Mercenary Market was a huge success.

Jack, Brian, Scott, & I got there early and had a fun Sushi dinner with our waitress Randy, whose real name may be Brandy, but Brian is insane, so I am not really sure. In any event, there is no way that you will please her phsycially, so it likely does not matter...

Brian spent most of his time listening to Pelor [or maybe Pantera] and ranting like a mad man. Scott finds this stuff very funny, but it may just be a giant waste of valuable adventuring time!

DM Will is running a very fun game.

John is one of the greatest Role Players of all time--he is playing Ivan the Half-Orc Barbarian who is somehow Scottish and generally ranting.

Here he is in action.

It is just fun to watch a kid having this much fun at a D&D Table.

And the table is good--we have a lot of room for everything. Including snacks.

Jack scored the only Crit of the night & we are still not exactly sure how the current critical hit rules work. We went with roll damage dice twice, do not apply Ability Bonus on the second roll. So with a long bow this was 2d8+3. Please leave me a comment if you have ideas on how Crits should be handled.