Penny Arcade/PvP Series 6: Ark of the Mad Mage

I listened to this podcast at work while typing.

Chris Perkins is a Great DM. 

His relationship to other great DM's--in fact, legendary DMs like Gygax & Cook is well documented, but his influence on every living  DM cannot be stressed enough. When one listens to Perkins run a game, every DM I have ever meet has the same response--they want to become a better DM!

Perkins is just a stud and his table is absolutely fantastic. For this adventure of Acquisitions Inc, Wil Wheaton is absent, which allows the other players to really stand out.  Mike Krahulik & Jerry Holkins are able to run out gags longer and Scott Kurtz's trademarked one liners are delivered with even more impact. Combined with the amazing addition of author Patrick Rothfuss and you have just about the dream table.

The adventure is solid. The recording is incredible. This is a very very good actual play podcast.

I think one of the goals of these is to introduce people to the D&D Next mechanics. I am not sure that goal is meet, mostly because these players are not really the kind of people tied to rule sets, which is likely a good thing, but the fact that WotC is making these available is awesome.