Pokemon X & Y Release

Jack was extremely excited for the release of the new Pokémon game.

 He installed the poster in his bedroom in anticipation of the release event at Game Stop. We picked up Alexander and headed to the shop around 10:00 PM for a Midnight release.

This was Alexander's first Pokémon release event. It was Jack's third--actually he fell asleep before midnight during that last release event, but he made the one before that. This guy behind him was awesome--he was friendly and everything until we bad mouthed Zelda & then it was ON!


The line was amazing--really long. There was not a lot of cosplay, but a few people in Pokémon shirts and hats and things.
We had to wait in a giant line to pick up our voucher. It was not bad because the worlds most friendly Game Stop employee was giving out candy in line.
Once in the store the employees were great--the women behind the counter had painted her nails as poke balls.
Alexander considered buying a case when we got our Vouchers, but decided against it in the end.
we entered a raffle for the display materials--like the empty boxes that had been behind the counter. Not the greatest gifts, but a fun thing to do while killing time in line.
After we got our voucher for pick up we went around to the other side of the building & played some Magic. Jack beat me 2-1, my Jund deck is not so good & his Heroic deck is very good.

At midnight they let us into the shop to pick up our game--we were done by 12:30 PM.

People could not wait to start playing.
and as the boys loaded up for their first games the line at the shop was actually longer than when we had gone through it.
without a doubt this was the largest Pokémon release event I have been to and the Irvine Game Stop crew did a great job to make it easy, smooth, and memorable.