Reef & Lizard Folk Fun

This month's Pathfinder Adventure was at Scott's House. We are still working our way through the Skull and Shackles adventure path. But before I get to that, a little lunch!

Scott made Mexican Food, including amazing guacamole

All sorts of chopped up stuff to add to a burrito

And this amazing slow cooked chicken stuff. I am a vegetarian so I did not eat this, but the boys really enjoyed it! Strong move from the Pizza that we usually order.

We played in Scott's living room.

We had tons of space

I made the total rookie move & forgot my character sheet! Luckily I was able to level up a pregen Gnome Bard fair

There are lot of good online Pathfinder character sheets to use, Chase recommended this landscape style one, which I did not really like--still feels very cluttered to me.

I did remember my Crit & Fumble deck, which I totally love.

Mouse was in rare form this week--El Canejo is really turning into the party leader.

Cousin Dave was on fire--still playing this maniac pistol shooting pirate--he ads a lot to the game & does a really good job describing his attacks.

Chase's wizard continues to be the glue for the party--I have renamed him Cookie.

DM Scott was having a great time.

We are using a fairly old school mini collection with a lot of unpainted lead.

I drew some maps of the environments we were exploring this week. This is the hut that some undead lived in just outside of a fresh water swamp.

This is the Bone Wreck Isle that we are trying to rid of some Hag.

Cousin David got a crit

and then confirmed it with another crit

which is about as awesome as it gets.

Kryptonite had much less fun, ending the adventure hooked in place in pitch darkness in the middle of the Hook Lake--here was his response to Scott.