Slivers are Gold

Tuesday morning is a late start day at South Lake Middle School, so the boys come by for some Tuesday Morning with Magic.

I love this event, I get to sit and drink coffee and be the judge.

Lisa bought the kids Donuts--which were an even bigger hit than last weeks homemade muffins.

The boys are most interested in playing Two Headed Giant--they started with my Sliver deck in the mix which did 26 points of damage on round four when the Theros decks were just getting started.

That was not much fun so they switched back down to the Theros Decks.

Jack is playing some Black, White, Blue deck he built. Cassidy was using my Red White Human Deck, which is actually doing very well.

Alexander is still using the 40 card deck he built at the prerelease--every week he shows up wanting to fix his deck.
Alexander has a fun Red, White, Green deck that needs some mana fixing, but in general is doing very well.

The match ended before the boys could really finish--the last few rounds were played very quickly & were rather frustrating, but overall it was fantastic & I really look foreword to hearing the boys discuss the match.

A very fun week & I am very much looking foreword to next Tuesday.