Schwarming Sliver's Cruising in Two Headed Giant


After D&D Encounters this week we again played Two Headed Giant. I only played one match--my Sliver deck went off so hard and fast that they did not want to play with me any more! These were the same decks that V2 and Snaggletooth were using last week when they CRUSHED Brian and I.

I don't see a lot of people playing Sliver decks these days & I am not sure why--I think it is a really fun deck to play & when it goes off it is pretty much unbeatable. 

Schwarming Slivers goes off about every third or fourth time--as long as I get some mana generation going on I can ramp out very quickly and there is very little that I can be done to stop it--even with aggressive removal I can generally just go over the top.

Also, since I am dropping cheap creatures, buy round three I am often casting more than one creature a round--and now that I have added Door of Destiny to the deck that alone has become a real threat.

Lately, I have been closing with Syphon Sliver who just destroys the other players confidence and they scoop when I am at like 45 life--which is always a fun way to win.

However, I am curious why I am not seeing more players using this very simple deck--it seems good to me.