Sunday Morning Theros

Brian came over Sunday with his new deck to play some Theros.
I am still running my great Minotaur Rakdos deck, which matched up nicely with his UW Control deck.
Our first match was the longest game I have ever played--it went like 30 rounds. Neither of us could find a win condition. He removed all my creatures. When I needed to, I was able to get to his planeswalkers [he had THREE in his deck].
He was able to mill me out in the end.
Brian then went 1-2 against Jack's latest creation which is a very very good deck.
We completed our game two in a much more traditional way with me winning after about 8 rounds of fun magic.
I am very much enjoying my Rakdos deck. I know it needs a lot of work, but even when it looses it still creates some fun moments.
We had a lot of rules questions this morning. I am still not sure where the best most official place to go for ruling on this stuff--any suggestions would be awesome. I recently learned from the Magic the Amateuring cast that I am a level zero judge which does give me a lot more confidence on this stuff.
In any event, here are the questions we had:
  1. Do Guild Gates have summoning sickness?

    We ruled that the do not.
  2. What happens if you Time Ebb at token--does the token go on the top of your deck or back into your token pile?

    In this case, Brian cast Time Ebb on my 2/2 Zombie token.

    It was late in the game, we had tons of mana, and it was the only creature on the board.

    We ruled it was simply discarded.

  3. Is a Planeswalker a creature?

    we ruled she was not a creature.
  4. When does a Planeswalker pump?
    Whenever she wants to? Ba-Dum-DUM!

    We ruled during main & main phase [again].
  5. Does essence scatter work on a God? Jack cast Nylea, God of the Hunt

    Brian responded with an Essence Scatter counter,

    since Jack's devotion to green was less than 5, Nylea was not a creature; however, the card has Creature as a type.

    We ruled Essence Scatter did not work. 
  6. When does an Enchantment Creature become a Creature?  Brian case Sea God's Revenge

    on my Kragma Warcaller

    with Nighthowler equipped as an aura.

    Does the Nighthowler drop as a creature which can be targeted for removal and thus be counted as part of Sea God's Revenge?

    We ruled that the Nighthowler was not a legal target when the sorcery was cast & thus was not removed.
Please leave a comment correct & clarifying any of these rules questions.