Theros Game Day Draft @ Magic and Monsters

For the Theros Game Day I took the Tuesday Morning with Magic Crew to Mission Viejo's Magic and Monsters card shop for the Draft. 

The shop is a little further than a lot of other shops--we are blessed to live in a MtG Mecca with five shops within 20 minutes. But it was an easy drive & more convient for Team Milne who were joining us for this event

The shop was running a Theros Standard Constructed event at the same time, but the kids would rather draft since we do not have a lot of cards and cannot compete against people who buy cards based on Grand Prix's. Currently, that is just not our scene--we are way more into Old School / School Yard magic.

TMwM crew included Kate, Jack, Alexander, Evan, & Andrew. Team Milne was Erin, Briannah, & Cameron. I was Level Zero judging this event.

This was the first time most of these people drafted. It went fairly well. I did answer a lot of questions, a lot of very good cards went through several hands, but most of the kids loved being exposed to all of the cards. 

Drafting with Kids is a blast!

The first round had some of the best match ups. Kate in Erin in a RW Aggro Mirror Match that ended in a coin toss.

Jack & Alexander in a fun rivalry  Jack really knew the cards and pretty much had the deck he wanted. Alexander was playing a strong Theros strategy so this match was closer than the 2-0 result indicates.

Alexander and Briannah in fun super creature slug fest, Briannah's Mono Green mana starved game one & mana screwed game two which cost her the match. 

Cameron crushed Evan--Cameron opened an Elspeth pack one and had a very good deck. I think Cameron likely had the best Deck of the day.

When Cameron's deck went off there would be like 9 soldier tokens, each getting +1/+1 each round and getting flying. It was very hard to deal with, and having nothing but mana did not help Evan all that much.

Round Two's match of Andrew vs Jack was fantastic. Jacks removal frustrated Andrew almost to the point of Table Flip.

Jack and Kate meet in the Finals. Jack was very confident in his Deck. But in the end Kate's Red White Aggro deck just did too much damage to the face for Jack to deal with and Kate came out on top.

Congratulations Kate!

Magic and Monsters was really awesome and gave Kate this Nighthowler for her victory!

The Hydra Decks were in use while we were at the shop, but Jack & I were still able to fill out our Hero's Path collection--another cool thing that the Shop did.

Here are the final results.