Time to Feed Attack

So I guess the question here boils down to is "Fight" the same as the "Attack" Step. 

During our Theros Game Day Draft, Briannah played Time to Feed and had her Polukranos, World Eater

Fight Andrew's Gray Merchant of Asphodel.

Andrew Responded with Divine Verdict.

Does this work? Is the Polukranos destroyed?

I ruled that it was not. Attack only happens in the Combat phase--we were in Main Phase. This was a Fight not "Attacking or Blocking"

This ruling was made with the understanding that Briannah was going to swing with The  P-U during Combat after she had killed Gary so it really did not matter all that much--Andrew could Divvy it up then. 

However, in reflection, I thought this may be more relevant because if Divine Verdict 'interrupts' the Time To Feed [the "Target Creature You Control" dies, in this example], then Gray Merchant would not die & Briannah would not gain three life, I think...

As Always, any advice would be fantastic.