Two Headed Donuts!

Special Halloween Edition of Tuesday Morning with Magic! Kate made this amazing decoration.
Lisa made muffins & we had donuts for the boys

The kids came charging into the house this week--they are starting to arrive earlier.

The kids card storage tools are still poor. I need some generic cheap tips on how to store cards so that the kids can move out of mom's Tupperware!

The Go tokens we use for counters is working very well.
Andrew, Matt, and Dylan had some one on one matches to start the morning

Alexander, Jack, and Derek all won, I think--kitchen side continues to be the strong side.

The kids all have iPhone's and have downloaded counters which is working very well.

I do still use paper and pen, mostly just so the kids learn how to do it for when we take the show on Tour.

Matt going Donut--in fact, all the kids went donut

The kids had to wait until the one on one matches were complete before starting the Two Headed Giant match which was really what most of the kids are interested in. This is the reason that the come.

Jack is leaping out of his chair during THG!

But then Derek's green deck started to go off

And then Team J&M had to go back to the planning stages