Worst Play Ever

You know those times when you make a play and everyone watching just starts laughing. I mean really laughing...Bent over, cannot talk?
And then they utter 'do you know what you just did'...and you have no idea and just stare at your cards like a mental patient?
I had one of those yesterday against Brian.

Brian of all people.
I was playing Rakdos Brian Killer and he had a blue white removal deck. As most of you know Brian is horrible at Magic so it does not really matter what I play, I will win. I had like three spells, three lands, and an Undead Minotaur to start the game--fine, I figured something big would come up and I would be fine.
Brian canceled my Undead Minotaur. Little did I realize that would be the last creature I would see...
I got Toil // Trouble. Twice. A little card advantage never hurts.
I got lands. Lots of lands.
I was in trouble & needed creatures. There are a lot of minotaurs in my deck so I thought I would be ok.
I got the Whip and laid it out.
I got Liliana.
He arrested her.
I was in trouble--last time this happened he was able to mill me. This time I found what I thought was my salvation--I had been holding a Nighthowler
waiting for a creature to come along so I could Bestow it, but when I drew my second one on like round 10, I thought it would be funny to lay out the first Nighthowler & then bestow the second one on top of him--which I did.
Clever right?
I imagine some of you already see what is coming...
Here comes the Tragedy. Which most of my friends, the store owner, and just about every Magic player in Costa Mesa found to be an almost Shakespearean example of Comedy...
In an effort to smash Brian in the face, I used the Whip to bring back my Undead Minotaur. This lead to the Nighthowler dropping to zero life because my Graveyard was empty...so basically my only attacker dies, going into my Graveyard.
Luckily we ruled that the bestowed Nighthowler dropped as a creature after the first Nighthowler died--so there was one creature in my graveyard, but I was still lame and screwed and being laughed at by my friends.
A lot.
And then I had to exile the Undead Minotaur.
And then Brian dropped Elspeth.
And then I was wrecked.
A horrible match in which I made my worst Magic mistake to date!