WotC Customer Service

So I am canceling my Wizards of the Coast monthly account.

I started this blog when the community site was updated & I could not figure out how to use the new site--I could not find my blog or groups, I could not upload images, etc. Then I stopped participating in the WotC Novel club [which I loved] because the new site was so hard to navigate & get notified when things were  updated, basically the members could not find a way to talk about the book. Then my D&D Encounters group switched to D&D Next so I did not need the online character builder any more. Combine this with the fact that I really do not have time to read Dragon much these days & the articles on D&D Next Design goals & decisions are not really that interesting to me and appear to be the majority of what the articles are about.

I could not longer justify spending money monthly on  a service I was not using.

I am sure I will renew my subscription once the D&D Next character builder comes online since that will be a really helpful tool.

In any event, I logged into my account four times & tried to cancel my subscription. I was unable to remove my 'default credit card' or remove the numbers to guarantee that I am not charged next month. So I opened a case with support to ensure I will not be charged this month, what I thought would be a simple question:

Hola, I wanted to confirm that I have successfully canceled my account. I do not want to be charged on this billing cycle. Thanks, David S.
my guess that those of you used to dealing with Wizards know where this is going:

Hey David,
Thanks for contacting Wizards of the Coast Customer Service!
We have received your request to make sure your account is cancelled and would be happy to look into that for you. In order to further investigate your request, please reply with as much of the following information as possible:
Email address registered to the account:
Zip/Postal Code registered to the account:
Security question registered with the account: mothers maiden name
Answer to Security question:
We take your account security very seriously. Therefore, while we want to assist you, we will require that you be able to answer certain pieces of information as registered on your account. Once we verify that you are the account owner, we can proceed with your request.
If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us!
Until then, take care and happy gaming!
We would appreciate your feedback on the service we are providing you. Please click here to fill out a short questionnaire.
To login to your account, or update your question please click here.
Online Response Crew
Wizards of the Coast
1-800-324-6496 (US and Canada)
425-204-8069 (From all other countries)
Monday-Sunday 7am-7pm PST / 10am-10pm EST

Looking past the fact that you are sending me an email asking me for my email address [which I guess could make sense because I could have multiple email address or something] & that I was logged onto the system when I submitted the question so you should have my zip code; I thought that Security Question was something that 'a member of support will never ask you to verify via email', right?

I am assuming that this process is to prevent kids from fiddling with their parents account settings or something, but even that does not make much sense to me.

At this point, I feel I have already had to try to hard to ensure my account is canceled--it would have been easier to just have my credit card company remove the charge then trying to deal with WotC customer service.

I am blogging about this primarily so that when things go even worse I will be able to maintain my sense of humor about the whole thing...