Legacy of the Crystal Shard--D&D Encounters S16 S0

Everybody DANCE now!

Yes! it is that time again! Week Zero--Character Creation Week! One of the best parts of the D&D Encounters concept of public play is that it brings wildly different people to the table--and at no time is this more fun than during Character Creation!

I am a big believer in 4d6-the lowest for all stats. 

This Season of Encounters we did this in a fun group way in which we went around the table taking turns rolling our stats in order--STR! DEX! CON! INT! WIS! CHA!

Because of some truly horrible rolling I let the party decide if they wanted one bonus roll which they could use for any stat, but they would have to keep it no matter what. I made it one of those classic D&D Challenges in which the entire group had to agree & since their were 9 players and one DM I knew it would be a challenge to overcome the defiant ones...The party was able to convince even the most contrarian player to go for the reroll [a good sign for the coming season, as every DM knows]. The rolled the bonus stat & it worked out well for everyone.

Jack, Jake, & Thor had a blast during character creation.

Carlos was fairly new to the process--as were we all--we did not have a book just a mashed up collection of printouts and one tablet. Jake was using his phone. We really should have gone with Pathfinder or 4E that actually have books--using printouts is silly.

Jack did do some great custom portraits for several players.