Three Headed Giant Is Slow

The Tuesday Morning with Magic crew showed up after a three day weekend reseed and ready to play--Jack was up with his dice in a pile ready to run his new RU Deck--I have taken to calling it--Are You Serious? DRAGONS! But I am not sure what he calls it.

Derek was there running the Schwarming Slivers deck which continues to do well against TMwM Crew decks that are still mostly Timmy.

Dylan is playing a mostly Black deck that splashes some Blue for removal--I call Rule Review.

Liam ran Kate's Red White deck that I am not sure has been named. He did very well round one against the Slivers.

After the first round of one on one play--Jack vs Matt, Me vs Dylan, Derek vs Liam--the boys went for some Three Headed Giant. The rules were similar to two headed giant but the started with 40 health and things went even slower.

Jack scooped once the Sliver were +5/+5 First Strike & Vigilant. 

Cody had a great time playing his DSi.

We did have some Two Headed Giant type questions.

Does the Whip of Erebos grant Lifelink for all the creatures on one side of the battle ground or only the player who controls it.

we voted that it only effected the specific creatures that Dylan had cast.

Can Niv do damage to both players in a Two Headed Giant match [or in our case all three players in a Three Headed Giant match] and draw two [or three] cards?

We ruled that he could not, that the other players counted as one player--but I am pretty sure that the rules cover this with 810.7b but I may be missing something.

In any event, Lisa made Cinnamon rolls which made a mess on the cards, we had some good trading, and the event was a huge success--again.