Guardians of Meletis gets Frisky!

Another great morning of Magic with the Tuesday Crew. Lisa made amazing cinnamon rolls.

Jack went undefeated again. He is really playing well.

Derek's deck RW Deck has really started to turn the corner after we tuned it last week.

Evan went 1-1, he is using his little brothers deck & when he goes big he goes VERY BIG!

Alexander has not worked much on his deck & really needs to lower the mana curve of his RW Aggro deck. Liam is playing Esper and having fun, but needs better cards to really make the deck work.

Dylan is playing Dimir and loosing everytime--at this point I think he may be just sandbagging until Prerelease where he kills everyone.

Dylan also laid out the worlds greatest card of all time

and then enchanged it with Ordeal of Thassa, which is funny but does not really work!

I can think of no time in which this would be a useful play--am I missing something?