Legacy of the Crystal Shard--D&D Encounters S16 S4

Another fun week of D&D Encounters at Mercenary Market.

I had planned on the adventurers fighting their way through Kessel's Trap, but unfortunately we did not get there. Here are the mini's that I was planning to use.

I set up behind the screen--I really like the NPC Cards that WotC has provided

I have switched back to using a fountain pen. I had forgotten my dice--only had my Pathfinder Skull & Shackle dice in my bag--so I had a MtG Spin Counter, but I know people have issues with this so I had to borrow a die from one of my players.

We now have two DM's running at MM so my table was much smaller and more manageable.

Brandon & Thor

Brandon did not have the best time--his treasure was not that great--his rolling was poor--just not his night.

Thor continues to have a blast with his broken glass canon.

Jeff is playing a paladin & is really doing a good job of it--tonight's fight was rather tough & he took the brunt of it, but it was a quality adventure.

Gibby was an awesome new player at our table running a Half-Orc Barbarian

Things got tense in the dwarf forge fairly quickly.

The players were off to a good start clearing the way.

But then they started dropping.

Thor has a fantastic character sketch.

There is no session planned for the next two weeks--Cody wishes you all a Very Merry Christmas!