Squibing the Mans Promise! Skull & Shackles Session 7

Another excellent adventure on the High Seas!

You can see our pirate flag hanging from the light in Scott's game room.

I ran tape & posted the video on youtube.

I struggled finding a place for my amazing Dice Tower at the table.

My Skull & Shackles Dice are doing great.

We also had the crit deck, but it did not come into play all that often--one 4x crit from the gunslinger was it, I think

Cousin Dave was there in his pirate hat! He is working to hard and was in amazing form this session.

Chase had an amazing time.

Scott was on fire--Bre is new & in the kitchen with mouse--he has reorganized his house so the back room is an amazing game room!

The food was amazing.

and we even had a large amount of junk food.

And Bre brought Cup Cakes

The mini's still have not been painted.

Mouse is bringing extreme energy drinks & rule books.

and a massive pile of random dice!

My mini is still a mess for this game.

We fought some Wasps.

And made some new pirate friends.

And I crafted a new costume to hide in

We went on a beach cliff hike in the jungle

And were attacked by more wasps!

And then when we returned to port we got attacked by a water naga!

Who cast a duplicate of herself during her attack

Luckily I was able to see through the disguise.

Looking foreword to the next adventure.