Big Dumb Two Headed Creature goes 1-2

Another fine Friday Night Magic at Majestic Card Shop in Costa Mesa.

I was at the kids table where the drafting was all over the map & I got tricked into drafting for value. again. Largely because of this card handed to me deck 2 round 4...up until then I was in Red Green and this changed my strategy completely...and late round draft changes are generally not a good move for me.

Jack went with a Green White Heroic deck that did very well--I think he went 2-1 loosing first round to a red deck when he did not draw very well.

Derek was at his first FNM and of course won! He was playing Green Blue and did really well in all of his matches.
The adult table had some very strong players this week--Aggro decks are winning in draft--crusing mono black and mono blue strategies.

My promo card was a Swan Song--so the night was not a total waste!