King of Tokyo--Kraken vs. Wind Up

Like most American Five Year Old boys, my son Cody is obsessed with Skylanders.

Last night we created a King of Tokyo score card for Wind Up, his current favorite Skylander, so that he could play him in our nightly game.

Cody is still very much about getting cards with energy cubes.

He really got into it last night--the game is designed for older kids, but Cody basically has all the rules memorized and is just working on strategy now.

It was a late night & I looked like your classic crazy dad!

Here is a close up on the Wind Up drawing we put on the score card.

Cody was eating homemade cookies while we were playing--this one went unfinished.

Telepath was the card that cody wanted the most--but he also really liked shrink ray.

in the end Cody once again defeated me & remains the King of Tokyo!