Legacy of the Crystal Shard--D&D Encounters S16 S7

Another fun week of D&D Encounters at Mercenary Market!

Scott was in fine form playing Scar the Drow Ranger

Thor is still playing Abadon the Dragon Born Chosen of Tiamet Death Cleric.

Brian has a Human Bard named something like Bling--he is ridiculous & now has to always tell the truth or something.

New guy Alan joined us for the first time--he was turned on to D&D via PAX and knew the rules better than Brian!

A great addition to the table.

DM Curtis was again behind the screen.

We had drinks and lots of snacks this week--felt good to have skittles at the table again.

I forgot my dice so I used Thor's LofCS D20 and bought a new D20 from the shop--neither of them rolled well at all!

However, I did open with a crit on my initiative which is always fun!

This week was more fun then a lot of recent weeks--I think our table is just playing well together and having a lot of fun.