Donuts, Trades, & DNA

Another fun morning of Magic with the Tuesday Crew.

Lisa bought donuts.

The kids are getting very good & the games were awesome.

Jelly filled is the doughnut of choice & they do get messy.

Jack was on fire & did not loose this morning.

 Evan is playing well

Cassidy still needs some more deck tech--I do not think he has been to an event yet, so his card supply is not a good as the other kids.

Dylan, who I hope will be the rules lawyer, is playing well--but does not have a very good deck either. His DNA Sculpture was amazing, however.

Side view of Jack in action. 

Derek has great red dragon sleeves.

I recently got the simic sleeves for my simic deck which is currently a mess--I am playing 80 cards.

I traded Andrew for two more Swan Songs!

I traded Matt for the CHROMANTICORE!

a great set of trades!