Goblins #5 by Paul Allor

Goblins #5Goblins #5 by Paul Allor
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was such a fantastic idea--I really love the Pathfinder Goblins; but the stories stopped being magical and new around issue #3. They all kind of blend into one and the crazy creative mischievous nature of Goblins starts to be replaced with the kind of mundane tales. The art was not bad, the stories were not bad, but it just overall started feeling the same.

I still really like the end material--some of the best writing occurs in the character motivation sections of the bio's in the back.

Overall this was a fun exercise & I am really glad Dynamite did it, but it could have used more out of the box writing, more risks with the structure of the stories, and more over the top antics.

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