New Crew, Kraken Boneyard, & Zombie Pirates--Skull & Shackles Session 9

Another great week of Pathfinder's Skull & Shackles adventure path at Scotts!
The full write up is over on epic words

As always, I had a ton of space at the table for my notebook

My Game Science & Q-Workshop dice and dice tower

and even my camera--which Chase was running for this session--he is tired of being on camera all of the time.

Scott has very classic dice.

Chase is running a pile of mostly randomly assembled dice

David has a collection of hard to read mostly random dice as well.

The maps for this Adventure Path are amazing.

David is wearing his Captain hat, which spent a lot of time on the floor this session!

Chase was having a very good time.

Scott was on fire for this session--really a total blast!

There was mostly role play until the big final show down with the Zombie Pirate Boat

Which was a huge epic battle

During which just about everyone was completely awesome!

There was a lot of team work & strategy going on.

And several great charges & retreats

Without the healing we would have lost very quickly, I think.

The Skull & Shackle mini's are fantastic! This out of focus photo does not begin to do this figure justice.

Here is a better image from the web

I was able to get Jet, my octopus familiar who used to be Taiko into the act this evening.

Unfortunately, it was too little to late--DM Scott hit Kryptonite with a ruthless Severed Tendon Crit

and then critted the scar table so I lost my leg!

Very good time was had by all.