Scourge of the Sword Coast--D&D Encounters S17 S1

Another fun week one of D&D Encounters at Mercenary Market.

There is a great overview of the material over at DungeonMaster.com

Jack is still playing mostly magic & not that into D&D Next.

Brian is bored of starting every season as a caravan guard.

Scott was stoked--he is playing an interesting character and having a great time.

Richard and Alex are completely the rock stars of this season. 

Thor actually missed this week--which is amazing for a min/maxer of his caliber. 

We had a huge table.

I mean really huge--like ten players.

I did have plenty of space and I am stoked with my new pencil.

There was only one critical hit this week--it was a fantastic game changing attack to disable a guard and get us into Daggerford unharmed.

These Character cards are always an awesome adventure aid.

The map this season is one of the greatest maps ever created.

I need new dice for my ninja.