Swan Song's Sudden Betrayal & Controlling the Remorhaz

Last night at Mercenary Market, before D&D Encounters, Jack, Scott, Brian and I played some Two Headed Giant.

Jack was playing his very powerful mono black deck.

Scott has Red Green Creature deck that is very good.

Brian was playing his broken deck which continues to suck.

It is kind of this Budget Esper deck that does have a lot of removal, but no real win condition.

Brian and I lost 2-0, but the worst part was that I was betrayed by Swan Song! I was able to counter a Boon Satyr flashed in at the end of turn, however I did not have anything to block the resultant bird when it swung.


 Curtis shows up to play some D&D Next.

He is pretty stoked to be running this season, I think.
Jack is playing Ratatoille the Gnome Theif & Brian has Bling the Human Bard.
They both spend a lot of the game shuffling magic cards & are not that into the story.
The party attacked the Cultist's Lair this week.
I actually remembered my dice.
Jack got 5 on Flappy Birds!
The other table also appears to be having a very good time.
Mercenary Market does have plenty of space.
I had a called 20 on a skill check at the end--but outside of that a fairly normal week of D&D Encounters. We did successfully control a baby remorhaz, which is a 1st edition monster I have no memory of ever fighting before: