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Actual Play Skull & Shackles Session 10


Skull & Shackles Session 10

Another fun Sunday of Pathfinder at Scott's House playing Skull & Shackles.
We had Pizza brought in. I think it was from Domino's & it did not suck.
DM Scott was once again in amazing form--he was running people around for a wedding all day so this session was a little short--plus I had stuff all day--but we still got a major milestone of the Adventure Path completed & got along well as a party.


Bree & David were on the wall side--Bree is playing a cleric & David is our Captain and a Gunslinger.
Chase's Sorcerer had a fantastic moment today when he was in safely inside a pill box look out station blasting enemies with electricity.
Here is a close up on Chase's amazing Big Gulp container.
I still need to get our mini's painted.
The table was again totally awesome--with an amazing poster map down most of the session.


Gaurdians of Meletis Super Win

Holy Cow! 

I got a package in the mail from France...

It was from Magali Villeneuve

The great artist of the greatest Magic: The Gathering card of all time!

There was this great print which I am going to get signed and hang in my office.

Which Magali had signed and dated.

There was also a card

with a blank back that had also been signed

She sent me all of this simply because I had sent her a message thanking her for the card. I let her know how much this card meant to the Magic Community. 

I am overwhelmed with gratitude.


Kindergarten Tsuro

Cody is very stoked with Tsuro.

He takes it very seriously & has invented some very sophisticated rules to ensure his survival. 

Running two boats is his favorite tactic.

But he also uses a very non approved underwater dragon move as well as a flying boat move that completely rules, even though it is no where in the rules.


Scourge of the Sword Coast--D&D Encounters S17 S6

Another fun night of D&D Encounters at Mercenary Market in Costa Mesa.

Jack has a job taking out the trash at his Grandma's house. The key is to have the cans properly spaced so that she does not receive a note and, at the same time, not block Les's mailbox on the left or the driveway on the right. 

Waiting for feedback on this setup.

We hit Chipotle & got to the store with plenty of time to set up--but Brian was needed to DM!

Good Lord!

Jack has a Dwarf Fighter.

Richard was sitting pole position playing a Drow Rogue.

Thor was playing a Wood Elf Fighter Ranger.

Jeff had a High Elf Mage.

Brandon had a cleric that he built during the game.

I was using my white dice.

Brian bought a giant mat for use in the game.

I had the old character sheet, for Don Buri which I plan to rewrite this week and share my amazing D&DNext Ninja build.

The fight this night was an amazing battle--I think DM Brian had set us up for a TPK.

But luckily we brought a lot of Sunkist and were able to win the day.

DM Brian was shocked.

How the am I loosing to Brian?


New Quarter--No Quarter!

Another fun morning of Magic with Tuesday!

It is the start of the Spring Quarter for the Team so they were lazy--Andrew & Alexander slept in and missed it.

Jack however was up and playing new decks for the first time in a while.

Preston was on time with his deck

And Dylan continues to dominate with his Slivers.

I had a fun game with Liam--he Pacified my Vorel of the Hull Clade, but I was still able to tap him to double the tokens on Myscutter Hydra.

The look when I swing for 16!

Cassidy & Evan were in the house. Evan is a very fun player.

Jack and Cassidy went 2-1 in a very good match.

 I rolled double ones multiple times today:

It actually started to get absurd.

Tuesday blamed the dice, but I realized I was just having that kind of day.


Icosahedrophilia Podcast, Episode 187: The Road to Madness, Episode 3

I feel like a missed a few episodes or for some reason I am not tracking the adventure of the crew of the Broken Promise as much as I once was.

The party is heading up a frozen river to continue their investigation--there is a lot of talk around crafting skills which do not really exist in 4E & surprisingly, Chris has not made up his own awesome rules--so the actual play I did not find that engaging.

I have a feeling we are a few episodes away from something awesome happening again on this one--may be time for another Dream Interlude!


This is a great episode looking at Pathfinder Adventure Paths. Some good history, nice overview, and fantastic audience participation make this a really great place to jump on and start listening.

One of my frequent complaints about Know Direction is that it tends to go on a little long & this episode is no exception--I think it is close to two hours. 

But it is still very informative throughout & is clearly starting to build a fairly big following within the Pathfinder community.